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An exaggerated sigh fell from Yoongi's mouth as he leaned forward in a balcony chair and closed his eyes. Whoever decided Malta was a good destination during a global heat wave was sorely mistaken. Yes, the island country was beautiful. It was full of historical sites...
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date 180819
Yoongi was dead. He had to be. It was the only explanation for the weight of his legs, the muscles that ached and throbbed through his body, and the migraine that threatened to crack his skull. It could be the reason he struggled to open his eyes, why he declined the breakfast offered...
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date 180901
Finally. After four hours of strenuous effort, Yoongi completed the preparations for Jungkook's birthday surprise. It required every ounce of strength he could muster, but somehow, someway, he transformed the Genius Lab from a place of work into a more...
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date 180819
“Wow! He lives!” exclaimed Jin, a smile in his mouth.

At the kitchen island stood the eldest and Namjoon, the two hovering over a steaming dish of fresh food cooked by none other than the residential chef. The men observed as Yoongi entered the room after slipping out of his shoes…
date 180821
“Who rented this?”

Ten eyes slowly averted their attention to Namjoon who sat at the center of the couch, a wary smile in his dimpled cheeks. The rest of the group was scattered around the living room; every other man clutching a pillow in fear, for comfort, and to wallow in sadness...
date 180916
"Hyung," yawned Jimin, "I'm so tired."

Yoongi responded by leaning into the arm of the couch to make room for the dongsaeng, patting at the now empty space next to him. It was an invitation to sit back, relax, and steal twenty minutes of broken sleep before either of them were disturbed; sleep, that's what they…
date 180819
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